The implementation of the Foundation´s aims needs and deserves a broad backing and


Living language

Due to the outstanding importance of the Aramaic language as a vehicle and medium of the
Aramaic cultural heritage the promotion of teaching, fostering and developing the Aramaic
language as a modern living language is in the centre of the Foundation's efforts.

These aims are targeted with the promotion of projects, as

International attention

The Foundation seeks public support to initiate an UNESCO-backed project within the
framework of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural
Heritage 2003.

At the same time the Foundation is aiming at including Aramaic in the EU-charta for
minority languages. This needs an official governmental application.

Promotion of  cultural roots

In addition the Foundation desires and supports a hopeful development in Tur Abdin which is
the heartland of the Aramaic language and culture since the birth of Christ. The promotion of
foreign aid to Tur Abdin is aiming at the conservation and revival of the Aramaic roots.

Of highest priority are the improvement of the living conditions of the Aramaic people still living
there by projects to improve the infrastructure and to bring about jobs and the preservation,
renovation and maintenance of ancient churches and monasteries.

Please, give your support and backing to the worthwhile efforts of the Foundation,
being in full accordance with the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity
and its Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage 2003 !

We are grateful for every donation. Help us to make the aims and visions of the
Foundation come true.

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