About us


The privately financed Foundation

for Conservation and Promotion of the Aramaic Cultural Heritage was founded in 2005 by
Aramaic people,
living in Germany since the 1970ies. They are watching with concern the
ongoing erosion and disappearance of its unique language and culture as the other side of the
successful integration of the Aramaic people, living in Europe and the USA.

Background is the forced nearly total exodus of the Aramaic people from their geographic
origins during the twentieth century.

Today the Aramaic people are scattered all over the world. The vast majority of the Aramaic people
have been living abroad for decades already in a foreign-language surrounding. In effect the Aramaic language loses ground despite the good will of its bearers.

The Aramaic language has been a vehicle of culture and a medium, providing the Aramaic
people with their identity ever since. However, this unique language - spoken by Jesus himself - and
the intellectual and material treasures related to it are seriously threatened these days.

The efforts of the Foundation are aimed at halting this disastrous process. They are in full
accordance with the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and its Convention
for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage 2003.

In addition the Foundation promotes a comprehensive foreign aid to Tur Abdin, which is the heartland
of the Aramaic language and culture since the birth of Christ, aiming at the conservation and revival
of the Aramaic roots.

Due to its constitution the Foundations aims are targeted with the following measures.


For the implementation of the Foundation's aims are working:

Frau Prof. Barbara John

Mrs. Prof. Barbara John, former longstanding official looking after foreign immigrants in Berlin, is the Patroness of the Foundation

  Prof. Barbara John

Foundation Comittee

Herrn M. Sc. Simon Can
  M. Sc. Simon Can

Mrs. Dr., M.Sc. Selva Can

Mrs. Dr., M.Sc. Selva Can

Gabriel Can
Gabriel Can


Members of the Foundation Committee are Mrs. Dr., M.Sc. Selva Can, orthodontist, Mr.
M. Sc. Simon Can,
orthodontist and Mr. Gabriel Can, Businessman



M. Thomas Lauzat

tax consultant, is responsible for the Foundation´s finance.


The Foundation co-operates with the eminent scientists on Aramaic language and culture  Prof. Dr. Otto Jastrow  from Erlangen, Prof. Dr. Werner Arnold from Heidelberg, Prof. Dr. Rainer Voigt from Berlin, Prof. Dr. Hans Hollerweger from Linz, Prof. Sebastian P. Brock from Oxford, Mr. Dipl.-Theol. Sabo Hanna, expert for Aramaic and Mr. Daniyel Demir, representative of the Federal Board of the Federation of Arameans (Suryoye) in Germany.

The Foundation is member of the Federal Association of German Foundations.

Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen